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Undergraduate Research Day

About Undergraduate Research Day

Undergraduate Research Day 2020 will be held on Wednesday, April 22th from 1-4:30pm in the Grand Ballroom of Stamp Student Union. This event is proudly sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Maryland Libraries. 

Application to submit a presentation proposal coming soon.

With students involved in so many research opportunities, Undergraduate Research Day provides the perfect opportunity for them to share their work with the campus community.  Held each April, Undergraduate Research Day showcases current research, scholarship, and artistic endeavors.  Presentations, posters, and performances are open to the public and over 600 students participated in 2016, presenting 200 individual or team research projects.  Any work conducted as a part of a campus course, internship, or program is eligible for presentation.

Presenter FAQs

Completing the Online Proposal Form

  • I am presenting as part of a team. Does each team member have to submit a separate proposal?

    No, only one team member should submit a proposal for a team research poster. They should list the names of all other team members on the form. There is space on the submission form to list up to 14 additional team members. Teams with more than 15 members should email team member names to

  • The proposal submission form will not let me type my full title and abstract because they have too many characters. What should I do?
  • The submission form has character limits for the title and abstract so that this information can be formatted to fit the research poster directory. Please abbreviate your title and abstract to fit the character limits on the submission form.

  • I completed my research under the guidance of a faculty member at another university or a government agency. Am I allowed to list that person as my faculty sponsor even though they don’t work for UMD?

    Yes, please list the professor or researcher who oversaw your project, regardless of institutional affiliation.

  • I want to edit my submission. What do I do?

    Before you submit your proposal form, you may use the button at the bottom of the page to save your progress. Saving your proposal form generates a unique link that you can use to return to your proposal form and continue editing at a later time. You will also share this link with your faculty sponsor so he or she can sign off on your project.

    After your proposal form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from This email contains links to view or edit your proposal.

    If you would like to edit your proposal after the submission deadline has passed, please email us at to ensure the information is updated in our records.

  • How will I know when my proposal submission has been received?

    You will receive a confirmation email from University of Maryland, College Park (email address when your proposal submission has been received. Please note that your proposal form should only be submitted by your faculty sponsor, after they have had the opportunity to complete Part 2 of the form.

  • Preparing to Present

  • When will I know if my poster has been approved?

    Your poster is approved automatically once your faculty sponsor signs and submits your proposal form. All students who have submitted complete proposals will receive a confirmation email a few days before the event with information about the schedule and procedures for Undergraduate Research Day.

  • How do I make and print a research poster?

    Our page on Creating a Research Poster has templates, examples, and other resources to help you design your poster. Posters are typically designed in Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, or LaTeX. You can print your poster on campus at the Engineering Copy Center or McKeldin Library.

  • How big should my poster be?

    Posters should be a maximum of 36 inches by 48 inches. Smaller posters are accepted but not preferred.

  • Do I have to pay to print my poster?

    Often, departments or research mentors will assist with the cost of research posters. However, it may be the case that you have to pay for your poster on your own. The cost to print a poster on campus is typically around $40. The Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research does not cover the cost of poster printing.

  • The Day of the Event

  • Do I need to stay to present for the entire event?

    No, you do not. While it is most beneficial for you to attend Undergraduate Research Day so that you can discuss and answer questions about your poster, we understand that classes and other commitments may present scheduling conflicts. If this is the case, you will simply need to come to the ballroom to set up and take down your poster at the appropriate times. You may also send a friend or colleague to take care of your poster in your stead.

  • What will happen to my poster if I have to leave Undergraduate Research Day early?

    All posters that are left at the end of Undergraduate Research Day will be collected and brought to the MCUR/NSO office. First authors will be emailed information about where and when they can pick up their poster.

  • I want to use something in addition to a poster for my presentation, such as a laptop, physical example of my work, or interactive media. Is this okay?

    You are welcome to use any materials or media you wish; however, it is necessary to plan for this advance. If you require a table or electrical outlet, you should request these materials by emailing by the submission deadline. Additionally, please note that you should never leave personal items such as laptops unattended.

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