Maryland Student Researchers—Student Information Page

Faculty interested in posting undergraduate research opportunities please click here.

The Maryland Student Researchers (MSR) program helps connect undergraduate students with professors seeking assistance with real research projects. The MSR program consists of a database that enables professors to post details about their research opportunities, and permits undergraduates to search effectively for opportunities that are a good fit for their interests and qualifications.

MSR research opportunities typically look for undergraduates willing to spend four to ten hours a week working under the mentorship of a professor on the professor’s own research. Participating in an MSR project enables undergraduates to develop mentoring relationships with faculty, to learn more deeply about the process of discovery of new knowledge and information, and to make significant contributions to real research. Participating students gain valuable skills and experiences that will enhance their future studies as well as graduate school and/or employment qualifications.

MSR opportunities are open to students of all majors who want to engage in undergraduate research. Students interested in being considered for an MSR-listed research opportunity should apply directly to the researcher using the provided contact email address in each announcement – all MSR placements are by mutual agreement between the researcher and the student applicant(s). The MSR program does not place students in research positions.

MSR-listed undergraduate research opportunities may be paid or unpaid. The MSR program does not provide credit or transcript notations. However, we strongly encourage students thinking of participating in MSR-listed research opportunities to meet with their major or college advisor to explore ways they might receive credit for their research experiences.

Please visit our MSR database page to search for research opportunities:

To learn more about the MSR program and how to identify and apply effectively for a position, contact us at to learn about MSR information sessions or to make an individual appointment.