Maryland Student Researchers

Maryland Student Researchers is a database of on-campus research opportunities for undergraduates.  It is designed to help undergraduates find research opportunities and to help faculty members find research assistants.  The projects posted on the website typically call for students to spend four to six hours a week working under the direction of a faculty mentor on that faculty member’s own research.  Students learn skills and gain valuable experience that will enhance their graduate school and job qualifications.  In addition, students work closely with faculty members outside the classroom, allowing them to develop professional relationships with faculty and to make significant contributions to faculty research.

Maryland Student Researchers is non-competitive.  Any student in good academic standing who has completed fifteen hours of coursework may apply.  It is open to students of all majors and disciplines with an interest in research—MSR offers opportunities in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, engineering, biological sciences, physical and computer sciences, journalism, and education.  There is no GPA requirement, though students with GPAs below 2.5 are encouraged to focus on their coursework rather than undertake research.

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