Your Guide to Undergraduate Research Events at the University of Maryland


McNair Scholars Conference

When: March 12-15, 2020
 College Park Marriott Hotel and Conference Center
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Public Health Research@Maryland

When: Tuesday, April 7
Where:Adele H. Stamp Student Union
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Math & Natural Science

Student explaining research posterBioscience Day
When: November
Bioscience Day is an annual event on the College Park campus that features research talks, an inventor pitch competition, poster session, networking panels, keynote lecture and more. The program provides a unique opportunity for executives and professionals in industry and government to discover the most recent advances in the biological sciences and biotechnology and promote the potential for academic-industry-government collaboration.
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Student explaining research posterResearch Fest
When: April
ResearchFest highlights the best undergraduate and graduate-level research from the Fischell Department of Bioengineering, the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Similar events are held each year by Omega Chi Epsilon, the biomolecular and chemical engineering honors society, and the Biomedical Engineering Society.
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Public Health

Student explains research poster to another studentResearch@Maryland
When: April
Explore and learn about recent advances in public health, ongoing research opportunities and the potential for new collaborations between the University of Maryland- College Park, the University of Maryland- Baltimore, and other state and regional community, public health, and academic partners. Researchers from diverse disciplines are invited to submit posters that highlight innovations in public health research and practice. Participants may also submit photographs in the annual PHR@M photo contest.
More Information: Research@Maryland

Social Science

Student explaining research posterPSYC Terp Research Fair
When: April
The PSYC Terp Research Fair is a celebration of undergraduate research. Mingle with faculty, staff, and students while learning about the impressive research studies undergraduate students are conducting in the Department of Psychology. Present your research or learn about opportunities to get involved.
Applications are typically accepted in early April and the PSYC Terp Research Fair is held in late April.
More Information: PSYC Terp Research Fair

Humanities & Related

Two students holding their award plaquesHonors Humanities Keystone Symposium
When: April
The Keystone Symposium is an annual event hosted by the Honors Humanities program, during which students present their work to colleagues, family and friends. The format is similar to an academic conference, giving students the experience of presenting their work in a formal but friendly setting. Keystone projects are diverse in medium: students have written novels, musicals, liturgical masses, academic papers, blogs, learning tools. They have also presented plays, campaign speeches, formed non-profit organizations, and even made surfboards! The common thread tying every keystone together is its relationship to the humanities: by taking on a humanistic approach to an issue, or by focusing on an element of human culture in their project, students develop a personal connection with the Humanities and make a personal contribution to it. Two awards are presented at the Keystone Symposium each year.
More Information: Honors Humanities Keystone Symposium

Audience and presenterLanguage Science Day
When: October
Language Science Day is a signature annual event for Maryland's language science community, bringing together up to 200 students and faculty from across the university and affiliated centers. Participants get to know their fellow language scientists, exchange ideas, showcase their research, and discover opportunities for training or collaboration.
More Information: Language Science Day


Poster session presentation with studentsSmith QUEST Annual Conference
When: December
The QUEST Annual Conference is part of the Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams (QUEST) Honors Program, a multidisciplinary, hands-on program for University of Maryland undergraduates. Students participate in a challenging course of study that focuses on quality management, process improvement, and system design through teamwork and co-curricular programming. During their final semester, QUEST teams are paired with real businesses to provide consulting services. Their recommendations are presented at the QUEST Annual Conference.
More Information: Smith QUEST Annual Conference


Poster sessions at College Park Scholars Academic ShowcaseCollege Park Scholars Academic Showcase
When: May
Each year, sophomores in College Park Scholars work on a capstone project that challenges them to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to their own interests. This may take the form of a research project, internship, service-learning engagement or travel-study experience. Students’ capstone efforts culminate each spring in the Academic Showcase, a Scholars-wide event where they present on their experience. Students present their capstone learning not just through academic posters, but also through platform talks, multimedia presentations and more.
More Information: College Park Scholars Academic Showcase

Two students at lab tableFIRE
When: Presents at Undergraduate Research Day and Bioscience Day
FIRE is a research program for students in their first two years of college. The mission of the program is to welcome students to the authentic research mission of the University of Maryland through deep immersion and mentorship in faculty-led research groups. Students become active members of faculty-led FIRE research streams that derive from a broad spectrum of disciplines including the natural, animal and computer sciences and engineering, the social sciences and public health. Students typically present their findings at Bioscience Day and MCUR's Undergraduate Research Day.
More Information: FIRE

Two students at lab tableGemstone Do Good Showcase (formerly known as Junior Colloquia)
When: November
The Gemstone Honors Program's main focus is multidisciplinary undergraduate team research. Teams of students work with assigned faculty mentors throughout their undergraduate years to complete team research projects. In November of their Junior year, Gemstone research teams are required to present their research and progress at the fall Colloquia. This event allows juniors to practice presenting research findings, keeps them on track toward their senior theses, and serves as inspiration for Gemstone freshmen who are early in their research careers. The top three presentations are given a monetary award.
More Information: Gemstone

Two students at lab tableGemstone Senior Team Thesis Competition
When: April
The Gemstone Honors Program's main focus is multidisciplinary undergraduate team research. Teams of students work with assigned faculty mentors throughout their undergraduate years to complete team research projects. The Gemstone Team Thesis Conference is the culmination of students' work throughout their time at in the Gemstone Honors Program. At the end of the three years, teams write a thesis and present their findings at the Team Thesis Conference in the spring of their senior year. Sophomores in the early phases of their research also present research posters at the event.
More Information: Gemstone

Audience and presenterMcNair Conference
When: March
At the National Conference for McNair Scholars and Undergraduate Research our attendees gain a venue for networking, learning about graduate school programs, hearing from distinguished guests and panelists, and enjoying the sense of community that McNair programs around the country share. The four day conference features speakers, panels, workshops, and networking events; undergraduate poster and oral presentations; and a graduate school fair. Approximately 250 students and faculty members from universities across the country participate annually.
Early bird registration closes in November. General registration and proposal submissions close in January.
More Information: McNair Conference

Three students holding a Beyond the Classroom signBeyond the Classroom Third Semester Showcase
When: May
As part of the Beyond the Classroom civic engagement program, students take a multi-disciplinary seminar in their third semester. This seminar enables students to develop their leadership skills by working collaboratively with their peers on joint projects to enhance and to deepen civic engagement and constructive social change on key civic issues on campus and in the broader community on local, national and global issues. Student carry out collaborative community-based research that addresses an important civic issue and advances civic knowledge for solving that issue. Students write a research paper and contribute to a joint professional report. The seminar culminates in a civic education or showcase event where students share their findings with the broader campus and members of the relevant community.
More Information: Beyond the Classroom Third Semester Showcase


Shereen Ashai receives Researcher of the Year Award

Shereen Ashai


Shereen, a member of UMD’s Honors College, completed a degree in Psychology in May 2019 under the mentorship of Dr. Karen O’Brien. Her honors thesis research explored how trauma and loss are linked to posttraumatic growth and complicated grief in Kashmiri youth. Shereen received a Maryland Summer Scholar award, a UMD Honors College Research Grant, the Philip Merrill Presidential Scholar Award for Academic Excellence, and the Mark S. Harper Award for Excellence in Psychology. In the fall, she will begin a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at UMD.

Emelia Gold receives Researcher of the Year Award

Emelia Gold

Mechanical Engineering and American Studies

Emelia completed degrees in Mechanical Engineering and American Studies, with a concentration in climate change, in May 2019. Under the guidance of Dr. Mary Corbin Sies, she completed a senior capstone project on climate change induced migration and the implications for marginalized populations. Emelia received the GDF-SUEZ Chuck Edwards Memorial Scholarship for engineering students, interned with the Department of Engergy’s Argonne National Lab and is a member of UMD’s Honors College.

Deiaa Harraz receives Researcher of the Year award

Deiaa Harraz

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Deiaa completed degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in December 2018 under the mentorship of Dr. Jeffrey Davis. For his research, Deiaa received a Russell E. Marker Outstanding Freshman Award, a Bruce B. Jarvis Outstanding Junior Award, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Fellowship, and a Beckman Fellowship. Deiaa’s particular area of interest is in self-assembled hydrogels and heme assembly and this summer he began a PhD in Chemistry at MIT.

Amelia Hurley-Novatny receives Researcher of the Year award

Amelia Hurley-Novatny


Amelia completed a degree in Bioengineering in May 2019. Under the guidance of Dr. John Fisher, she completed an honors thesis developing a tissue-engineered bone-tendon enthesis (BTE) interface. A member of UMD’s Honors College, Amelia was also a recipient of the Fischell Department Outstanding Research Award and the Integrated Life Sciences Honors Research Award. Amelia is currently a Post-baccalaureate Fellow at NIAMS studying the pathogenesis of Melorheostosis and is currently applying for PhD and MD programs.

Evan Quartner receives Researcher of the Year award

Evan Quartner


Evan, a member of the Gemstone Honors program, completed a degree in Biochemistry in May 2019 under the mentorship of Dr. David Fushman. For his research and academic achievements, Evan received a Nathan Drake Outstanding Sophomore Award, a Bruce B. Jarvis Outstanding Junior Award, and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Fellowship. In the fall, he will begin a MS in Bioengineering at Stanford.


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