Optimize Your MCUR Research Partnership

Thank you for creating an opportunity for students to enhance their undergraduate educational experience. As we all know, research is a vital part of any field of study, and opportunities for undergraduates to become involved in research projects are often few and far between.

Involving an undergraduate in your research should be a mutually beneficial experience. The aim is for you to gain a student who is eager to learn and to help with your research and for the student to gain invaluable research experience.  The following are some suggestions about how to help you and your student benefit from your research partnership:

Confronting Obstacles

If problems do arise, give your student feedback as soon as possible so you can work together to correct them. Examples of dilemmas students encounter in research groups include personal conflicts with other members of a research group, dissatisfaction with research assignments, and difficulty managing time between coursework and research obligations.

The most important thing to remember when working with students is that they are there in order to learn from you. Positive experiences may encourage students to attend graduate school or pursue a career in research.  You can and will have a tremendous influence on the student during his or her participation in the program.  Hopefully, by utilizing these guidelines, we can ensure that every student is able to walk away with an understanding of the demands of research as well as a positive feeling about it.