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Getting Started

An easy way to begin involving students in research is by posting a research opportunity on Maryland Student Researchers, a database of on-campus research opportunities. Simply click Submit a Research Opportunity in the dropdown menu above, fill out a form, and hit enter. Please note that you will need to enter your UMD user ID and password in order to access the form. If access is denied, close out of the page and try again.

I have found a student who I would like to take on as a research assistant. What are the next steps?

The next steps are up to you, the student, and possibly your department. There are no MCUR or university-wide rules governing undergraduate research. We do suggest you see the Make it Work page on our website for pointers for making sure you and the student get the most out of your research partnership.

Do I have to pay student research assistants?

No, it is not required for you to pay research assistants. If you would like to compensate them, check with your department on the procedure for adding them to the payroll (they are typically paid out of your personal/project research funds) or granting them course credit for their work.

Do students receive a notation on their transcript for engaging in undergraduate research?

No, students do not receive a notation on their transcript for engaging in research; however, many departments allow students to receive course credit for research. See the applicable list of courses here or check with your department for more information about granting students course credit for research.

Does your office host research grants or other funding for undergraduate research?

Our office awards a handful of small research grants ($3,000) each year to students engaging in independent summer research projects. This is done through the Maryland Summer Scholars program. Students must apply to Maryland Summer Scholars and be selected for the award. The annual deadline is in February.

MCUR does not provide any funding for research conducted during the school year.

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